Shirley & Shirley - Host Your Event

Shirley & Shirley - Host Your Event

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Joanna Carolan and Pascale Wilson are comedians Shirley & Shirley, who have been on the circuit for more than a decade. Now, the pair are available to 'host' your special occasion - be that a birthday, a baby shower, or just a mates' night in!

In this immersive experience, the pair will create an afternoon/evening of fun and games suited to your party - be that ‘Lip Sync For Your Life’, ‘Name That Tune’ or even some ‘Festive Bingo’. And remember, what happens on Zoom, stays on Zoom.

Proceeds from each call will go to Mind - Shirley & Shirley's charity of choice.

If you want to book, hit 'Get A Quote', fill in the form and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.