Good Times x Good Causes

Every good time created by SocialEyes will also contribute to a good cause. Every host commits to donating a percentage of their fee to a charity of their choice. SocialEyes will then match-donate this percentage to the #WeMakeEvents  movement. The movement has been set up to champion and raise money to support the individuals, families and industry charities affected by loss of work in the live sector where over a million jobs are at risk. You can find our more here:

The charities supported by We Make Events are:

Backup - The technical entertainment charity that supports people who have worked in the industry when experiencing unexpected financial distress or hardship.

Acting for Others – includes The Theatrical Guild, The Royal Theatrical Fund & Fleabag Support Fund and The ROH Benevolent Fund.

Music Support – for anyone in the music industry to help mental, emotional and behavioural health disorders.

Stagehand – representing all past and present members of the PSA (Production Services Association) who need help.

#MakeItBlue – dedicated to raising funds for mental health charities throughout arts, entertainment and culture.