How does it work?

There’s three different types of events - but each one takes place on zoom (or another video call system if you prefer), each is always live, and each will always give you the chance to interact with your host.

Backstage – these experiences can be for between 1-8 people maximum. So, whether you book just for you, or together with friends or family, you’ll know everyone on the call.

Front row - think of this like a small, intimate performance or class from your host. Every Front row event is capped at 50 tickets that can be bought individually. You may not know everyone in the call, but you will know that, like you, they're big fans of the host.

Hang Outs - these are 5-10 minute meet-and-greets and are again capped at a maximum number of participants (individual details available on each individual page). So, make yourself a tea (or a coffee, or even a sandwich - basically you can do what you want, we’re not your mum), get comfortable and have your questions ready.

To book any of the experiences, you scroll the site, select the person/package you'd like and head to the checkout. Depending on your selection, you'll be asked to request the specific time/date you'd like your experience to take place. 

One of our reps will then confirm your booking by email within 48 hours along with the link to your scheduled Zoom call.

It really is as simple (and as fun!) as it sounds.